AMS Sales Training Benefits

For the Sales Rep

AMS Sales Training provides knowledge that leads to confidence. You understand your customer’s world, and you’re prepared to help them solve their toughest problems. Your AMS accreditation also shows that you value professional development, that you are committed to providing leading-edge solutions for your customers, and that you bring more to the table than your competition. Your accreditation provides a definitive measurement for your professional skills and knowledge. AMS professionals receive digital badges, certificates, and lapel pins that communicate the importance of their achievement to customers and vendors.

AMS professionals are recognized for their value

  • Ability to better serve their customers
  • Enhanced value to the supply chain partners with whom they work
  • Increased worth to their employer

For the Company

The Accredited in Medical Sales (AMS) designation proves to customers and vendors that your sales force is among the elite in medical product sales. With AMS Sales Training, companies can:

Increase sales

  • AMS courses give sales reps the confidence to discuss complex healthcare issues and solve business problems
  • AMS accreditation can help both novice and experienced sales reps grow volume and profitability in their territories

Recruit and retain sales professionals

  • Offering a comprehensive training program makes companies more attractive as employers
  • AMS Sales training helps reps close more sales, increasing their job satisfaction and their income

Access a turnkey solution, or just the content you need

  • The AMS Sales Training Program serves as a complete company training program, or can complement existing training
  • Field deployment is easy, with online access to course materials and testing
  • Courses are updated regularly and new courses added every year
Jim Burns

“Even tenured sales reps and sales leaders have found the learnings enhanced their customer relationships with the added value and knowledge they bring to the customer.”

Jim Burns
Director National Accounts Healthcare 
HD Supply

To learn more about the AMS Sales Training Program or to purchase an AMS license, contact our education specialist:

Callie Barthel
Senior Manager, Member Relations

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