AMS Testimonials

Michael Parks Michael Parks
Marketing Leader, Facility Solutions
Veritiv Corp.

“I recently received confirmation that our membership in HIDA and our participation with the AMS Certification program was the right decision to make. A sales professional with over 20 years of experience calling on the Healthcare customer expressed that he 'has not been this energized to engage his Healthcare customers in a very long time.' Those sales professionals who believe in constant learning, like this sales pro, will benefit the most and be that much more valuable to their companies.”

Edward Garro, AMSEdward Garro, AMS
Supervisor, Training & Development
Henry Schein

“Here at Henry Schein, Inc., HIDA plays a significant role in our efforts to provide a continual education process for our sales forces, support services teams and corporate employees. Being able to resource HIDA for the latest trends in healthcare, government affairs, training, and market research enables our teams to continually meet the needs of our customers. The value offered to us from HIDA allows each of our team members to become the 'trusted advisor' our customers are looking for."

Scott F. Tubandt
Co-founder & Director
Healthcare Supply Solutions

“Our company utilizes AMS as the foundation for all of our sales training programs. We believe that AMS certification not only provides our sales representatives with a better understanding of our industry but also enhances their ability to serve our customers.”

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has been extremely pleased with the value we have found in our participation in HIDA and our membership in the AMS Sales Training Program. Not only does it supply great fundamental background knowledge for the on-boarding of our new hires, but it also provides up-to-date and relevant information about what is happening in healthcare, which greatly assists in the development of our entire sales team. Additionally, the follow up and service provided by the staff at AMS is second to none and makes working with them effortless!”

Dave Rusnak
Director Sales Operations
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I have been in medical sales 26 years…this is one of the most comprehensive and relevant programs I have ever taken. It should be med sales 101 for all medical reps.”

Steve McKay
Account Manager
Fisher Healthcare

Course Feedback

  • “I found the course work to be extremely useful and highly applicable to what I do on a daily basis as a distributor rep. It is informative and will translate well with customer interactions.”
  • “I’ve been in diagnostics sales for almost 24 years. I feel like I’ve been through virtually every type of sales training in some form or another throughout my career. The John Costigan phone-selling webinar series was the single best and most useful sales training I’ve ever gotten. I have concrete tips and feel more inspired which rarely happens after sales training seminars.”
  • “It was very informative and the material directly relates to the changes in the market.”
  • “I really liked this course. As markets change so does the need for knowledge in all areas of medicine.”
  • “It was very helpful and questions were easily answered. The speaker was very informative.”
  • “Worth the time for any healthcare professional.
  • “Good to hear from the customer directly on her challenges [and] where she is looking for help.”
  • “Worth attending. It was quite informative as to who to meet with and what they are looking for and what their needs are.”
  • “I enjoyed the course and learned a lot even though I've been in this business for more than 6 years”
  • “This was a great reminder for me and I plan on watching this several more times.”
  • “As always I enjoy the AMS courses, even as a seasoned rep I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills.”
  • “I have really enjoyed the whole series and although I am certainly no master of it, I plan to revisit each section to add to my continuing education.”
  • “Great information and very thought provocative.”
  • “First webinar and test since I passed my certification. It was eye opening.”
  • “Good information on working with a large healthcare system. Good to hear as a distributor rep.”
  • “All great info and insight into the inner workings of a hospital and how they operate and make decisions. Great stuff!”