What is the best way to get my team started with AMS?

Show your team you are committed to their development! A HIDA education specialist can help you get...[more]

How do I get my team signed up to access the AMS program?

Our team will be happy to provide instructions! Contact us...[more]

When should we register for the AMS exam?

Please email exam applications two weeks before test date. To request a date...[more]

Should I recognize or reward my reps for passing the AMS exam?

Incentives are a great way to motivate and recognize AMS accreditation. For example, most companies...[more]

How long should it take a rep to earn AMS accreditation?

Each course takes about an hour of reading or studying. The suggested pace of a course every 1-2 weeks..[more]

How do I convince my reps to complete the courses?

Various ways! Begin by making training a priority. Companies that have used the AMS program successfully...[more]

What is the fee to take the AMS exam?

Exams are free for candidates from companies with current AMS Sales Training licenses, however...[more]

Can we use the AMS course material to build content for our internal training?

Absolutely! As an AMS licensee, you are authorized to repurpose...[more]