AMS Honor Code

Why have an honor code?

The purpose of the AMS program is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to better understand your market and better serve your customers. To achieve this purpose, it is critical that AMS program participants use the program with integrity and honesty.

By taking the AMS Exam or any test used to earn AMS points, you are stating that your answers are your own and that you have completed the exam or test without cheating (printing out test answers or questions, consulting notes or program materials, receiving answers in advance, communicating with other test-takers, or any other method of receiving test answers).

Honor code expectations include the following:

  • AMS candidates do not refer to notes, online resources or receive any form of help during the AMS exam. Cell phones are prohibited, but simple calculators may be used during the exam
  • Participants do not share or receive test questions or answers with other participants
  • Participants do not print out test answers or questions to use during the AMS exam
  • AMS holders review course material prior to taking any test for AMS points -- but they do not consult those materials or other information sources while taking the test

Honor code violations

Honor code violations during an AMS exam will result in failing the exam and exclusion from taking the exam for three months following the violation.

Honor code violations connected with any activity designed to earn AMS points will result in losing the AMS point and possibly losing additional points and/or accreditation, depending on the violation.