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Welcome to the AMS Sales Training program. Designed to provide a strong foundation for healthcare sales professionals from rookies to veterans and across multiple markets, the program is geared for both distributors and manufacturers. New courses are added regularly with components added or deleted based on the changing healthcare environment, technology advances and product innovation. Please let us know if you have questions that aren't answered here!

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AMS Program Overview

What is AMS?
The AMS Sales Training Program is a comprehensive sales education program designed to make healthcare distributor and manufacturer sales personnel more knowledgeable and more successful. This nationally recognized program offers the only courses designed to prepare candidates to earn the Accredited in Medical Sales designation, an elite industry certification earned by more than 1,800 healthcare sales professionals.

How can my company access AMS Sales Training?
AMS is sold as a license to HIDA member companies. For more information or assistance, contact Callie Barthel, Senior Manager, Member Relations.

How do I earn AMS accreditation?
To become AMS accredited, you must pass a comprehensive AMS exam based on a customized 12-course Core Curriculum that you select. You can take the exam online at your location.

Contact HIDA

Rosemarie Bundoc
Senior Manager, Virtual and Continuing Education

Can I use AMS to meet my vendor credentialing requirements?
Many vendor credentialing agencies accept AMS courses to meet training requirements.  These agencies often require training on topics such as bloodborne pathogens, HIPAA and patient privacy, and sterile technique. The AMS curriculum includes courses on all these topics. HIDA can provide documentation that you have passed these courses.

Is the AMS program only for distributor field sales reps?
Designed both for healthcare distributors and for manufacturers who sell through distribution, AMS is equally applicable to field and telesales reps. It is often used by customer service reps, managers, and other company employees as well.

Can we use the AMS course material to build content for our internal training?
Absolutely. As an AMS licensee, you are authorized to repurpose course content to meet your needs. In fact, this is a great idea – customizing the content to make it even more specific to your company’s target market, products, and services can make it more effective and relevant. Please email for the course source material. Note that in order to continue to use this content, you will need to maintain a current AMS license.

My company has an AMS license, how do I get myself set up to access the program?
Please email your full name, company name and contact information and a person on our team will set you up and send you your login and the website navigation instructions.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Please email and a person on our team will send you your password.

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Program Policy Guidelines

When should I register for the AMS exam?
Please submit your exam application to two weeks before your desired exam date if it’s on the published exam schedule. If you would like to work out a customized date, please reach out to at least 3 weeks prior to your desired date.

How should I prepare for the AMS exam?
To prepare for the AMS exam you should read, study, and review each course in your customized Core Curriculum. The progress checks and course test for each course are particularly helpful for exam preparation.

Can I take the practice tests more than once?
Sure, you can take them as many times as you like. It’s worth taking the tests multiple times, even if you pass them the first time, since the test questions will change.

What is the fee to take the AMS exam?
Candidates from companies with current AMS Sales Training licenses may take the AMS exam free of charge. If you fail the test on your first attempt, a 30-day waiting period and $99 retest fee apply.

Must I buy the AMS Sales Training Program in order to take the AMS exam?
The AMS exam is available to employees of AMS licensee companies only.

What is the format of the exam and what does it cover?
The exam has 84 multiple-choice questions, each with just one right answer. Because each AMS candidate can customize his or her Core Curriculum, exam content varies. Your exam will include 7 questions from each of 12 courses you select for your Core Curriculum.

Who can serve as my exam proctor?
Ideally, your exam proctor will be your direct manager or your training manager. If that person is not available, another company employee may be approved to serve as your exam proctor. Your proctor should not be a peer, such as a fellow sales representative, and must not be a family member. Your exam proctor must be in the same room or available remotely through video conferencing throughout the exam.

Can I consult notes during the exam?
No. The AMS honor code states that AMS candidates may not refer to notes, check online resources, or receive any form of help during the AMS exam.

What happens if I fail the exam?
If you fail the exam, you may retake it. A one-month waiting period is required to give you time to prepare. You’ll need to register for the retake and pay a $99 retest fee. (Note that HIDA doesn’t notify anyone else if you fail the exam, but your company trainer or manager can access the score via HIDA’s AMS website.)

May I get a copy of my test to see where I made errors?
To protect the integrity of the AMS exam over time, HIDA does not provide copies of tests or test answers.

If I retake the exam, are the questions the same?
The exam format and the content covered are the same every time, but the exact questions vary to ensure the integrity of the exam.

How do I maintain AMS accreditation?
AMS accreditation is active for at least one year after the date when you pass the AMS exam. After that, you must earn 5 AMS points each year to keep the AMS designation current.

What courses can I take to earn points for my accreditation renewal?
To earn AMS points, you can take any course (other than the ones in the archived folder) on the AMS Sales Training website that you have not already taken. You can also earn points through HIDA webinars and attendance at approved events including the HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference.

Can I receive credit for non-HIDA training programs?
Yes. HIDA can approve other training programs for credit on a case-by-case basis. The program content must be relevant to medical products sales. HIDA has sole authority to determine whether a program qualifies for AMS points. To request credit, the AMS-holder should send the following information to
- Program date
- Program host/organizer
- Program length/duration
- Program name and specific courses attended
- Briefly explain what you learned from this training

What if I can’t earn all my points by the deadline for renewal?
Short extensions are sometimes granted in special circumstances. To request an extension to the one year requirement, contact

Can I get my accreditation back once it lapses?
To regain your accreditation, you must retake and pass the AMS exam. There is a $99 exam retest fee.

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For Managers

How do I get my team signed up to access the AMS program?
Our team will be happy to provide instructions! Please email

What is the best way to get my team started with AMS?
A kickoff meeting, whether live or via web conference, is a great way to get started. This shows your team that you’re committed to their development and to using the AMS program. A HIDA education specialist will be happy to participate in your kickoff, demonstrate how to use the AMS website, and explain how to earn and maintain their AMS designation.

Can I get periodic reports on my team’s testing activity and accreditation status?
Yes. If you need information that you can directly access on the Tools for Managers page, you can request custom reports by contacting

How do I convince my reps to complete the courses?
HIDA can provide lots of ideas, but the companies that have used the AMS program most successfully make it mandatory. They communicate with their reps frequently and track reps’ accreditation status. It would be nice to think that reps would embrace training on their own (and some do), but the reality is that it is hard for a salesperson to make training a priority, amid the crush of other day-to-day concerns, if that training is only optional.

How long should it take a rep to earn AMS accreditation?
Each AMS course is about an hour’s worth of reading or studying. HIDA recommends having reps complete one course every 1-2 weeks. This allows time for the rep to not only read and study the course, but also to focus on applying the training in the field for several days before moving on to other concepts. At that pace, with 12 courses in a Core Curriculum, it would take a rep 12-20 weeks – about 3 to 5 months – to earn AMS accreditation.

Should I recognize or reward my reps for passing the AMS exam?
Incentives are a great way to motivate and recognize accomplishment, AMS accreditation included. Most companies recognize and applaud their sales reps when they pass the AMS exam. Some even offer a slight pay bump or bonus. Use the incentives that work best for your team.

What if I find an error in an AMS course, or my rep points out something that is out-of-date?
Please let us know! If you find a course, section, or fact that needs correction or updating, please contact AMS courses are updated regularly, but occasionally a user will catch an error, or a point that has become out-of-date. To ensure that every course stays current and accurate, input from administrators and users is strongly encouraged.

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Selecting Curriculum

What if I change my mind about which courses I want to take?
You can change your selections at any time. The AMS exam you take will pull questions from the 12 courses you have selected at the time of the exam. (The downside of changing your selections after you’ve begun studying is that you will need to study additional courses.)

What if I want to take more than 12 courses?
No problem! Choose 12 courses for your Core Curriculum, and take the rest later – you can use them to earn AMS points to maintain your accreditation later.

What if I don’t see 12 courses I like?
The initial requirement for AMS accreditation is 12 courses. Work with your manager to identify topics and create a custom curriculum that would be most beneficial for you. Core courses are designed to give insights into the industry and a solid overview of skills you'll need to advance your career.

Do I have to take courses from all 5 categories?
No, that’s just a suggestion. Choose the courses that best fit your needs.

Are there any mandatory courses?
HIDA doesn’t have mandatory courses, but your company may have courses they want you to choose. Check with your manager if you’re not sure.

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