Jim Scott 
President & CEO 
Applied Policy 

Elizabeth Hilla
Senior Vice President

Using Your Reimbursement Knowledge to Advance Customer Decisions

Third-party reimbursement – from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance – drives your provider customers’ financial success. And that means that your understanding of reimbursement drives your sales success as well. In this session, gain a better understanding of how reimbursement works, what factors can result in higher or lower revenue for the provider, and how you as a supplier can help your customers optimize their reimbursements. We’ll cover:

  • The two major types of reimbursement methods and why they can lead to very different customer decisions
  • High-level overview of customers get reimbursed, by market segment
  • Key issues you must understand and follow related to your target customer’s reimbursement
  • Ways to leverage your reimbursement knowledge to offer compelling solutions to customers
Course Format:  Recorded Webinar
Length:  Audio run time is 32:52
Recorded On: 8/15/2022