Territory Management: Allocating Calls for Maximum Productivity

Every successful sales representative is also a successful manager.  You must carefully manage your time, your accounts, and your territory as a whole to be as effective and productive as possible.

Good management of your territory and your accounts impacts your commissions—and your company’s profits. It enables your firm to get good intelligence on the marketplace, to control the business, to have the right inventory when it’s needed, and to be in the best position to help you serve your customers. Further, good territory, account, and time management helps you to guarantee your future with a solid account base that generates healthy growth of account sales and profits.

This course will focus on one key aspect of territory management: how you allocate your selling time. The techniques you’ll learn here will apply whether you spend most of your time in the field, or selling via the telephone.

When you complete this course, you will be better prepared to:
  • Analyze your accounts according to their likely sales value
  • Determine the optimum call frequency for each category
  • Overall, manage your sales time for maximum productivity
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Pages:  32
Last Updated:  9/28/2015