Jim Poggi
Physician Office Lab Expert
Tested Insights, LLC

Selling To Physician Office Labs: 3 Things You Need To Know

During this webinar, you will learn the one question to ask to determine whether a customer needs a specific test at the point of care, as well as thoughts on how to guide customers’ choices on tests to implement in their practice. Join this webinar to learn the three top criteria a customer needs to meet to successfully begin to test or expand their testing:

  • Why test at POC (the one question to ask)
  • What the customer needs to do to succeed (the 3 customer criteria)
  • Recommended tests
Course Format:  Text Format (PDF)
Length:  Audio run time is 46:39
Recorded On: 11/6/2019

About the Presenter

Jim Poggi has been a commercial professional in the lab business as a practitioner, sales professional, marketing and category director for a number of years. He has a achievements in revenue, margin and category growing the lab business on a direct and distribution business basis. He is a member of Repertoire Magazine editorial board American Association for Clinical Chemistry.