Selling To Hospice Service Providers

Hospice is supportive care for dying patients. The hospice team helps people facing an incurable illness by mobilizing all of the services needed to manage their illness. These include their drugs, medical equipment and supplies.

Medical suppliers and distributors play an important role in hospice care by providing, delivering and managing the supplies needed by hospice patients. But they need to understand the culture of hospice services to build successful long-term partnerships.

Hospice care providers are staffed by people who have taken on the noble role of helping a patient die with dignity and comfort. It is often a family member of the terminally ill patient who makes the decisions affecting the patient, such as course of treatment.

This course is designed to build knowledge in the following areas:
  • Defining hospice, both as a philosophy of care for the dying and as a Medicare benefit
  • Medicare’s unique payment structure for covering hospice care
  • Necessary equipment and supplies for hospice patients
  • Building successful relationships with hospices
  • Streamlining the ordering, delivery, billing and maintenance process
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Pages:  23
Last Updated:  4/5/2019