Margin Management for Distributor Salespeople

The primary concern of business is profit. Profit pays back the people who have invested in your company, and it provides the capital to allow your company to continue to grow and better serve your customers.

As a sales professional, you play an enormous role in creating profits for your company. The obvious result of your work is sales revenue, but equally important is the margin at which you sell. Through your pricing practices, you play a pivotal role in determining your company’s profitability.

This course is aimed primarily at distributor salespeople, particularly those who have the ability to set or negotiate customer pricing. You will gain insights on how you can maintain or increase margins and improve profitability while protecting your customer base.

The purpose of this course is to:
  • Review the definitions of margin
  • Illustrate the importance of margin management
  • Give you ideas and techniques to optimize your selling margin
  • Give you examples of how to optimize your selling margin
Format:  Text Format (PDF)
Pages:  42
Last Updated:  1/11/2016