Making the Sales Presentation

In the AMS Sales Training course Probing and Listening, you learned to ask well-planned questions to uncover customer's needs and pain points, and you honed your listening skills to make sure you don’t miss any clues.

Now you’re ready to present solutions to your customer. When you do so, you’ll take everything you have learned about your customer’s needs and use that information to present just the benefits that will get you the sale.

This course will cover key skills for honing in on identified customer needs during effective presentations and product demonstrations.

In this course, you’ll learn about:
  • Benefits and features, and how they work together to build value for the customer
  • Visual aids, and how to use them to create maximum impact
  • Elements of a successful product demonstration
  • Joint presentations with manufacturers, and how to make sure they achieve your desired results
Format:  Text Format (PDF)
Pages:  26
Last Updated:  10/7/2015