Leveraging Manufacturer Partnerships

If you are a distributor representative, you’re constantly striving to maintain and increase sales in your territory. You’re a valuable resource to your customers and they depend on you for information and expertise on medical products, state and government regulations, and reimbursement. They rely on you to update them on new technology and industry information. Plus, if they’re a part of a group purchasing organization (GPO), you’re expected to assist them with contracts and compliance. You have to balance all of this with the time you spend dealing with service-related issues and the administrative demands of your company. It’s hard to imagine how you can really get it all done.

Working more effectively and strategically with your manufacturer partners can help you maximize sales and profit dollars. They are an excellent resource that can help you find the right solutions and effectively present them to your customers.

By completing this course you will:
  • Understand the importance of manufacturer relationships
  • Have a better understanding of how manufacturers and distributors work together
  • Learn how different manufacturer marketing strategies affect your role as a distributor representative
  • Understand how to select manufacturers to support and work with in your territory
  • Learn how to build a strategic plan with manufacturers
  • Explore creative ways to work with manufacturers and increase sales with customers
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Pages:  33
Last Updated:  1/13/2016