Tonya Wilson Snider
TenBiz, Inc.

Great Service Leads To New Referrals

The most effective and inexpensive tool to grow your business is word of mouth advertising. Customers refer their friends and colleagues to sales reps and companies that provide the best service. Most of what you do day-to-day should be tied to making your customers happy and satisfied. The smart companies of today continuously sharpen their tools to be able to provide the best service possible because smart customers recognize good customer service when they see it. In fact, data shows that most customers are willing to pay more for excellent service, and on the flip side will take their money elsewhere if they feel like they are not getting it. Superior customer service is a win-win for everyone! This session will cover::

  • How to give memorable customer service
  • What most customers expect as it relates to customer service
  • Examples of "customer service rock stars"
Course Format:  Recorded Webinar
Length:  Audio run time is 62:25
Recorded On: 5/21/2019

About the Presenter

Tonya Wilson Snider is the founder and CEO of TenBiz, Inc. She oversees the marketing and strategic development aspects of the firm, while also working directly with clients. She specializes in business strategy, training and project management and helps companies grow, streamline and drastically improve their bottom line. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Tonya trained and consulted hundreds of businesses in the economic development arena, was a commercial lender and developed entrepreneurship curricula and trainings all across the region. She has worked directly in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has a passion for helping people reach their goals.