Bloodborne Pathogens and Healthcare Worker Safety

As a healthcare sales representative, your job takes you into healthcare environments where coming into contact with blood and other body fluids is a realistic possibility. And that means that coming into contact with the bloodborne pathogens that can cause hepatitis, AIDS and other deadly and debilitating diseases is also a realistic possibility.

The information in this course will help you understand the risks posed by bloodborne diseases, and how to take the proper precautions to reduce them. It will arm you with the knowledge that can help keep you and those you work with safer on the job every day.

This course will also help you identify ways to help your customers through safer products. You’ll learn about regulations mandating safer needles and other "sharps," and the responsibilities that healthcare providers have to protect their workers.

Specifically, this course will help you gain an understanding of topics including:
  • The dangers posed by bloodborne diseases, and how these diseases are transmitted
  • How to protect yourself and others from exposures by following field-proven precautions and post-exposure procedures
  • Relevant laws impacting healthcare safety
  • The new breed of safer medical devices, the need for healthcare operators to use them, and the penalties for not doing so
  • The role and use of sharps disposal containers
  • The financial cost of compliance, balanced with the costs of managing exposures, potential fines and potential civil actions
Format:  Text Format (PDF)
Pages:  32
Last Updated:  5/21/2021