Tonya Wilson Snider
TenBiz, Inc.

Angry Customers Can Be Your Best Friends

Even when you always give your best effort, dissatisfied customers are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Typically, most people dread hearing about it or even fear the interaction that sometimes follows. But you should want to be hassled by your dissatisfied customers! You need to know what upsets them so you can resolve it and learn from it. You need to hear how disappointed or angry they are so you can make it up to them in a way that will help rebuild their trust. How you respond to these unfortunate situations will determine whether the customer goes on to tell all his friends and family how terrible your business is or instead rave about your unmatched customer service. This session will explore:

  • How to turn unhappy customers into some of your company’s most loyal and happy ones
  • How to work with dissatisfied customers
  • Problem-solving skills
Course Format:  Recorded Webinar
Length:  Audio run time is 1:05
Recorded On: 7/10/2019

About the Presenter

Tonya Wilson Snider is the founder and CEO of TenBiz, Inc. She oversees the marketing and strategic development aspects of the firm, while also working directly with clients. She specializes in business strategy, training and project management and helps companies grow, streamline and drastically improve their bottom line. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Tonya trained and consulted hundreds of businesses in the economic development arena, was a commercial lender and developed entrepreneurship curricula and trainings all across the region. She has worked directly in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has a passion for helping people reach their goals.