Tom Stanfill
ASLAN Sales Training

Accessing the Decision Maker

Access is the number one challenge for healthcare salespeople. Whether working with suits or scrubs, receptivity is low and gaining access is now nearly impossible – the real decision-makers rarely meet with sales reps. So what’s the best strategy? Is it to just simply work harder?

There is a better way. But it's counterintuitive to most everything you've learned about selling and influence. In this recorded webinar, sales strategist Tom Stanfill explores the top three myths about the most difficult stage of the selling process – getting in the door. You will learn new approaches to:

  • Convert the disinterested
  • Craft an email that stays in the inbox
  • Respond to the five false objections
  • Navigate to the decision maker with a relational map
Course Format:  Recorded Webinar
Length:  Run time is 55:21
Recorded On: 8/19/2015

About the Presenter

Tom is a seasoned sales executive, having personally and successfully led large sales organizations in multiple industries. Since launching ASLAN with his partner Tab Norris in 1996, he has grown that company to become a true leader in sales training solutions – serving more than 50,000 sales professionals in 30+ countries around the world and being named for the past two years to Selling Power magazine’s prestigious Top Twenty Sales Training Companies.

Now considered a thought leader in the area of sales force effectiveness, Tom has authored ten training programs for the multiple sales and leadership roles in sales organizations and has introduced important innovations in both sales process and sales coaching.