The Future Of Business Growth: Sales, Marketing, and Technology Alignment

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Your sales, marketing, and technology need to be aligned to grow your business. Join KBK Communications to discuss:

  • Your website should function as the foundation of your digital sales team so you are able to be found online, show your unique selling benefits and the reason why someone should purchase your product instead of a competitor, and ultimately, proactively bringing in leads for your sales team to follow up on
  • A proper digital strategy journey plan incorporating social media, paid media, content, lead nurturing, website assets, and more gives you the blueprint for all marketing efforts and how they work together with sales and technology
  • Understand which technologies are best for your company and how you should approach implementation, onboarding, and training for your team


Jan Beery
KBK Communications

Jan Beery began her career in healthcare manufacturing selling, managing, and opening up new markets in med device, capital equipment, distribution, group purchasing, industrial med, and veterinary medicine. After 25+ years in medical manufacturing, she moved over to media to focus on the healthcare market and support agency clients in Chicago.

In 2009, KBK Communications was born. As a digital agency, KBK provides customer solutions. This includes strategy, technology, creative, execution, eCommerce, custom integrations, CRM implementation and support. KBK builds strategic digital programs and solutions that focus on finding, retaining, growing, and delighting customers in the healthcare industry.

In her spare time, you may find Jan enjoying a good workout, cycling, golfing, or loving on one of 8 grandbabies.

Daryn Smith
Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director
Huble Digital

Daryn Smith is Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Huble Digital is a full-spectrum international business marketing consultancy. Former co-founder of CRM and CX agency MPULL, Daryn was instrumental in building the company from the ground up, helping attract global customers through his clear focus on creating and sustaining customer confidence. With a background in both computer science and marketing, Daryn is a driving force behind the accelerating intersection of technology and marketing for Huble Digital.