Promote My Accreditation

Let your customers know what makes you stand out from the crowd! Download the following materials to promote your earned status as an AMS accredited sales representative.

  • Post your credentials on your LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.
  • Share your digital badge in a LinkedIn post.
  • Put your AMS digital badge in your e-mail signature and business card.
  • Share your digital certificate with your manager.
  • Put the “AMS” letters after your name in your e-mail signature, LinkedIn, and business card.
  • Send announcements or a press release to key customers notifying them of your accreditation. 
  • Present or send the AMS brochure to your customers to help them better understand what it means to be accredited in medical sales. Contact HIDA for free print copies.
  • Make sure you keep your accreditation current by earning 5 AMS points per year!

Download AMS brochure (pdf)
or request free print copies by contacting HIDA.


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