Cynthia Crosby, PhD
VP Clinical Strategy, Procedural Solutions

4 Keys to Helping Clinicians Reduce Infections

The Affordable Care Act has given healthcare providers more reasons than ever to focus on preventing infections. Their supply chain partners are in a position to help them identify gaps in their infection control programs and make the right investments to reduce infections and improve outcomes.

In this recorded webinar, Cynthia Crosby, PhD, VP Clinical Strategy Procedural Solutions, CareFusion shares four key tenets of a strong infection control program: skin antisepsis, sterile barriers, product related usage and protocols and user education.

View the webinar to better understand:

  • How infection prevention contributes to the provider organization’s clinical and financial outcomes
  • The trend toward bundling primary and ancillary services in the outpatient setting
  • What factors contribute to infections
  • How to bundle together appropriate products to prevent infections
  • How to discuss these solutions with clinicians
Course Format:  Webinar
Length:  Audio run time is 46:00
Recorded On: 9/4/2014

About the Presenter

Cynthia Crosby, PhD, is a clinical microbiologist specializing in Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI). She has a special focus on infection prevention with insertion or implant of medical devices. Cynthia coordinates clinical studies and protocol design in the prevention healthcare associated infections. She uses a high level of skills, experiences, and education to benefit companies and individuals. Current research that Cynthia has done includes medical devices and antimicrobial agents that provide clinical and technical information for IDN, NDA, CTD documentation, educational and in-service programs surrounding prevention of healthcare associated infections. She is actively involved in training and education of Clinical Consultants and MSL programs, and is highly involved with charitable animal and human health organizations in the prevention of infection. Cynthia is a noted speaker both nationally and internationally in the area of Infection Prevention.