Earn AMS Points

There are four primary ways to earn the 5 AMS points needed yearly to maintain AMS accreditation. In addition to the courses on this website, you may earn points through live events and other training

Additional AMS courses

Most courses on the AMS website can be used to earn AMS points. To earn the point, study the course and take the online test for that course. A passing score of 75% is required for credit. If you fail the test, you may study the course further and take the test again. Each course is worth 1 AMS point. Courses you studied in your customized AMS Core Curriculum may not be repeated for AMS points. Access courses through your personalized training page .

HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference

Education sessions at the HIDA Streamlining Healthcare Conference qualify for AMS points. An AMS professional can earn the full 5 points required for the year at the conference. To receive points, AMS-holders must fill out an evaluation form for the session and include their name and company on the form. Visit the SHC website .


Webinars are a great way to keep up on the latest healthcare trends and sales techniques. Participate live, or go to the AMS Sales Training website after the program to access the webinar recording. Two categories of webinars are available free to AMS licensees:

AMS Sales Training webinars: These programs, free only to AMS licensees, are specifically designed for AMS participants and cover topics including selling to specific types of customers, higher-order selling skills, and new techniques such as using social media to build sales.

HIDA webinars: These webinars, free to all HIDA members, usually focus on government affairs topics, reimbursement changes, and market trends. View AMS and HIDA webinars .

HIDA-approved training programs

HIDA can approve other training programs for credit on a case-by-base basis. To request credit, submit the AMS Point Approval Form and provide proof of attendance. The program content must be relevant to healthcare sales. HIDA has sole authority to determine whether a program qualifies for AMS points.