Prospecting & Cold Calling:

Nothing Happens Unless You Can Get in the Door

Session 1 to a 3-part Webinar Series

April 11, 2017 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm, EST

“Expense reports, cut the grass, untangle Christmas lights, finish a tax return, sit in traffic, move to New Jersey, get a root canal…” Most people say they’d choose any of these over cold calling. Yet salespeople who embrace and master the art and science of cold calling are far more effective than their peers. What is the secret behind meeting quota by September, crushing it by December, and having over 30 deals out there to start the next quarter? Join this webinar with John Costigan, President and founder of Costigan Companies, Inc. and cold calling expert, to discuss:

  • What to do before you pick up the phone
  • How to get the decision maker in half the time
  • When faced with resistance, to overcome it


John Costigan
CEO and Founder
Costigan Companies, Inc.

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Live webinar + recording: $349 per person

Live webinar: $349 per person
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