Elizabeth Hilla
Sr. Vice President, HIDA
Executive Director, HIDA Educational Foundation

Changes in the GPO Landscape

If you are new to the healthcare industry, this webinar is perfect for you! Understanding healthcare group purchasing organizations is important to your sales success, whether or not your organization contracts with GPOs. In this webinar, gain insights on group purchasing not only for hospital systems but also in the vast non-acute arena. HIDA Senior VP Elizabeth Hilla presents information on:

  • GPO trends: what segments they are targeting and how their services are evolving, and more
  • Regional purchasing coalitions: what they are, and who they are affiliated with
  • Success tips for suppliers (it's more than just winning the contract)
Course Format: 
Length:  Audio run time is 32:31
Recorded On: 7/9/2018

About the Presenter

Elizabeth Hilla has 30 years experience in the healthcare distribution industry and oversees HIDA's educational programs and communication services. As executive director of HIDA Educational Foundation (HEF), Elizabeth spearheads industry initiatives to advance the value of distribution and increase effectiveness within the healthcare supply channel.